“I find this learning technique, for my 71 yr. old self, is great!  I feel no peer pressure as being in a physical classroom, I feel I can take the time I need to understand the concept of the day, and best of all, it fits into EVERYONE’S lifestyle–no matter where one lives or hours worked!”


“My instructor and Lisa Buffum were right there to answer any questions! In my opinion, I learned more in this online course then I would have in an actual classroom. I was able to get my questions answered immediately! I feel so much more confident to approaching my church with questions and jumping in the pool instead of tip toeing through the puddles!”


“I went online and found the BeADisciple site, and the next thing I knew, my life changed!”


“Please keep adding new courses.  BeADisciple is an invaluable resource for lay and clergy.”


“This was my first experience with a BeADisciple.com course and I thought it was better than face-to-face LSM courses I have taken. The daily format (vs a full day or 2 half days) allowed us to pause and process the material.”


“I liked the self-paced nature of using Blackboard, which gave me time to reflect on others’ comments before I added my own to the “conversation”. In a live classroom setting I often think of things I would have liked to say or say differently after the class. This setting gave me time to consider my comments.”


“I loved interacting with the other members of the class and reading about their challenges and revelations. We are all in different places in our faith journeys and some peoples comments were so profound. I had never taken an online class before and didn’t know what to expect and I loved every day of it.”

Marsha Roby

“I am HOOKED on BeADisciple.com. I started taking courses for my Certified Lay Speaker certification but after taking 3 courses with your amazing instructors, I love the classes. I have started taking classes for other areas of my responsibilities in the church and even signed up for some classes just for my own faith. I am sitting here between classes and bummed that I don’t have a class I can post to. I will be taking classes from BeADisciple as long as they keep coming up with them.”

Elaine Short

“On-line classes are so convenient and cost effective. One can complete the program so much faster than waiting for the classes to become available through the district.”

Penny Gage

“BeADisciple is such a wonderful place to grow! I have taken more than a few classes from BeADisciple and have developed friendships from around the US that have continued long after the courses have ended and these relationships continue. I give thanks to God for these relationships and the opportunity given to create them through BeADisciple.com!”

Paula Thorson