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Psalm 17 Devotion: The Apple of His Eye

To be the apple of someone’s eye means that you are beloved by him.  His focus is on you.  He watches you closely.  He loves you.  Your tiny reflection shines in the light of his eye when he looks at you.  You are never far from his thoughts.  He would do anything to protect you because you are precious to him.

Psalm 16 Devotion: Tinted Glasses

The thought that David wrote a psalm that reflected his own personal experience of life and of God, which is also a prophetic word about Jesus, amazes me.  David believed God’s promise that his heir would sit on the throne of a kingdom that has no end.  But, did he also know the details? 

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Psalm 13 Devotion: Waiting

David asks five questions to open Psalm 13, and four of these begin with “How long?”  How long will I be forgotten?  How long will Your face be hidden?  How long will I sorrow and wrestle and struggle?  How long will I feel like I am losing the battle?  When we feel this way, and we likely all do at times, it can be really hard to wait.