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Psalm 34 Devotion: Taste and See That the Lord Is Good

This verse always reminds me of my dear friend, Donna.  I do not know if this was Donna’s very favorite verse, but it was certainly one of them.  Donna was a wonderful baker.  She was fabulous at making scrumptious treats.  Several summers, Donna led Bible studies involving chocolates and other treats around the reminder to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” 

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Psalm 33 Devotion: Creatio Ex Nihilo

Music holds such power to connect us in amazing ways . . . to our present, to our past, to one another, to God.  Amazon Alexa wakes me up every morning to praise and worship music.  I listen to KLOVE in my car.  If I am having a down time, I turn on music in my home or office.  I love to read and study and listen to the great hymns of the faith.  Music has the power to change my day and my attitude completely around.