Helping Others Grow Through Their Grieving

Grief can be a lonely place, and those who care for persons who are grieving often find themselves at a loss.  A BeADisciple course I facilitate, Helping Others Grow Through Their Grieving, has been of great help to many who minister to the grieving and/or their friends and family, guiding them to grow during this difficult time. 

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Psalm 25 Devotion: One After God’s Own Heart

David was human.  He was not perfect, just like I am not perfect.  David dealt with many of the struggles I deal with – sin, forgiveness, shame, enemies, rebellion, great iniquity, fear, loneliness, affliction, anger, a troubled heart, and distress.  It can be a mean, cold world sometimes.  Friends and family can let us down.  The weight of our sin can be overwhelming.  Our hearts can be broken into a thousand pieces. 

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Psalm 24 Devotion: I Can Only Imagine

Oh, how the angels must have rejoiced when the “one who has clean hands and a pure heart” ascended the mountain and stood in the holy presence of God!  The earth and everything in it belong to him.  The world and all who live in it belong to him.  He was there at creation to found it on the seas and establish it on the waters.  He reigns over it now in glory. 

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Psalm 23 Devotion: The Good Shepherd

I was a young girl, home on summer break from school and bored, when my mother challenged me to memorize Psalm 23.  I have it memorized in the King James Version, and I can still say it just that way.  It is beautiful and poetic and rolls off the tongue.  It is a psalm that many people the world over turn to for comfort and peace.  

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Psalm 22 Devotion: Was Jesus forsaken?

There is much scholarly debate over what Jesus meant by shouting from the cross “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?”  Did Jesus feel like God had turned away from him?  Does this show Jesus’ connection to our humanity and the human feeling we all experience at times of wondering if God is as distant as we sometimes feel?  Did God actually turn His face away from Jesus because He could not bear to see Jesus’ suffering?  Did Jesus’ distance from God in this moment give him understanding of what it is like to be me?